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R11: Raiders v Carrum


Peninsula Raiders 3.7.25 lost to Carrum 20.10.1300 Goals:  G Ross, T Percoco, A Gallagher Best:  S Lewis, M Leonard, J Noonan, S Doherty, R Sanders, R Hare

R10: Raiders v Dingley


Peninsula Raiders 12.10.82 def Dingley 3.10.28 Goals:  S Doherty 3, D Park 2, R Sanders 2, S Lewis, J Noonan, P Vaughan, C Staley, D Moresco Best:  S Lewis, S Hollow, S Doherty, J Noonan, R Sanders, A Magennis Awesome game.  Simply no other word for it.  And to finally get to belt out that

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R9: Raiders v Bayside Saints


Peninsula Raiders 3.4.22 lost to Bayside Saints 3.11.29 Goals:  C Brown, M Beasley, P Vaughan Best:  S Lewis, T Mayne, J Grimmond, S Barker, J Noonan, S Hollow If the premiership in the Masters was awarded for effort, then engrave the cup now with the Raiders name.  Gee we have a crack!  Getting that score

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R8: Raiders v Waverley Warriors


Peninsula Raiders 4.3.27 lost to Waverley Warriors 6.9.45 Goals:  D Moresco, S Doherty, S Hollow, C Brown Best:  S Lewis, A Murphy, C Brown, S Doherty, S Hollow, D Moresco In the beautiful warm sunshine at…, hang on, wrong report.  In the cold, dingy, dark surrounds of Narre Warren the Masters were greeted with a

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R7: Raiders v Dingley


Raiders 4.7.31 lost to Dingley 8.12.60 Goals:  A Murphy, D Newstead, S Barker, D Moresco Best:  D Moresco, T Mayne, J Grimmond, A Gallagher, S Lewis, D Newstead A big, hard ground was the challenge facing the Masters on Sunday, looking for a reward for strong recent efforts.  Working hard around the ground, putting in

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R6: Raiders v Cranbourne


Raiders 7.4.47 lost to Cranbourne 9.13.67 Goals:  Beasley 2, Barker 2, Park, Giles, Lewis Best:  Lewis, Monk, Park, Magennis, Grimmond, Charlton From the outset, the effort and determination was evident in the Masters team and it was clear we had come to play with a point to prove.  We got off to a good start

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R5: Raiders v Bayside Saints


Peninsula Raiders 4.4.28 lost to Bayside Saints 11.14.80 Goals:  S Bradshaw, S Lewis, S Hollow, M Inglese Best:  T Mayne, J Grimmond, A Magennis, S Lewis, J Noonan, M Darrer Disappointing day at the office for the Masters in trying conditions.  The rain set in and so did the pain for us as nothing seemed

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R4: Raiders v Waverley Warriors


Raiders 8.6.54 lost to Waverley 7.13.55 Goals:  S.Bradshaw 3, M.Inglese 2, D.Moresco, T.Arnott, S.Doherty Best:  J.Grimmond, L.Sheenan, J.Noonan, T.Arnott, S.Bradshaw, T.Mayne The Masters pretty much had the game in control for the majority of their match up with Waverley.  The early jumper clash issue (come on guys, it’s not rocket surgery…..Rossco even gave their president

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R3: Peninsula Raiders v Carrum Cowboys


Peninsula Raiders 7.11.53 lost to Carrum 9.7.61 Goals:  Brown 4, Charlton, Lewis, Park. Best:   Darrer, Brown, Park, Lewis, Noonan, Bradshaw. In a game of see-sawing fortunes, the Raiders got off the a slow start but pegged the Cowboys back to lead by nine points at half time, thanks to good goals to Cam Brown,

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R2: Peninsula Raiders v Mordialloc


Raiders 6.5.41 def Mordialloc 3.13.31 Goals:  S. Bugeja 2, J Grimmond, M Beasley, B Stephens, C Brown Best:  A Murphy, S Lewis, S Bugeja, S Bradshaw, D Moresco, B Stephens A terrific team inspired win over Mordialloc on their own dunghill today to celebrate Skipper Morrey’s 50th game.  The team mentality from the first bounce

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