Dingley 8.12.60 - 4.7.31 Peninsula Raiders

28/06/2015 - 12:45 pm at Souter Oval

Raiders 4.7.31 lost to Dingley 8.12.60
Goals:  A Murphy, D Newstead, S Barker, D Moresco
Best:  D Moresco, T Mayne, J Grimmond, A Gallagher, S Lewis, D Newstead

A big, hard ground was the challenge facing the Masters on Sunday, looking for a reward for strong recent efforts.  Working hard around the ground, putting in the one percenters, it was a strong positive performance from the Masters, if falling short of the win we are striving for.  The backline was simply superb led by Morrey with Trev, Grimmo, Gags, Morgs, Stalesy and TTA and with cameos from others.  We used the spaces of the ground to go wide and ran the ball professionally out of the backline regularly.  It was particularly impressive that each player was willing to back themselves in and run off their opponents.  A strong cohesive defensive unit and it was the cornerstone of the side.  The midfield battled hard all day, particularly after an early injury and we just weren’t able to give ourselves the final reward on the scoreboard for all the hard effort despite some opportunities.  The positive part is that those opportunities were presented and with that all round effort continuing, that win is just around the corner.
Special mention to Biscuits who is sunning himself in Vanuatu and contributed very little except long distance best wishes!  Special mention to those blokes coming back from injury in Newy, Murph & Disco Ross and hope they all got through unscathed.  Special mention to Hyph playing his first game and looked a very likely type and will be better for the run around.  Special mention to Shags who showed some real ticker to get on the park and make his contribution, even though not 100%.  Special mention to Gags, who had his best day as a Raider with strong marking and precision kicking…..and copped a bruise showing courage backing back into a big pack.  Terrific game.

Special thanks to Cam Brown, Dynesy & Andy Riddle for doubling up and helping us out.

Looks like that Carlton coaching application is filed away now.  Their loss!
Cheers Slugga