Peninsula Raiders 8.6.54 - 7.13.55 Waverley

17/05/2015 - 12:45 pm at Alexandra Park

Raiders 8.6.54 lost to Waverley 7.13.55
Goals:  S.Bradshaw 3, M.Inglese 2, D.Moresco, T.Arnott, S.Doherty
Best:  J.Grimmond, L.Sheenan, J.Noonan, T.Arnott, S.Bradshaw, T.Mayne

The Masters pretty much had the game in control for the majority of their match up with Waverley.  The early jumper clash issue (come on guys, it’s not rocket surgery…..Rossco even gave their president a heads up weeks ago) certainly didn’t help the spectators but from quarter time onwards that was cleared up.  The Raiders showed intent and run with the ball but just lacked that little bit extra to really put Waverley away.  That lack of scoreboard pressure just gave them a sniff but when we kicked the first goal of the last quarter to go 18 odd points up, I thought we would run away with it.  Unfortunately, the Warriors got a sniff and did not relent, submitting us to a frustrating one point loss.  Emotions can run high in close encounters, particularly when things do not go the way we want.  But I think every Raider should hold their heads high for effort and intent.  Sometimes shit happens and this game was one of those times.  The important part is to bounce back from it.  Special mention to Grimmo who took on centre half back like he should’ve been there for years.  Ekul at full back was super explosive and unfortunately, my move to get him up the ground in the last quarter might have backfired.  Trevor Mayne in the first half was a stand out and Noons in the midfield was fast and elusive.  In the end, the Warriors gave themselves every opportunity and took the chocolates.  Last special mention to TTA, who twice was spied falling over a clump of grass with no one within cooee of him!!  Must have been the shoelaces!!!  Next round we make amends.

Cheers Slugga