1999 Season


John Gannan remained President. The committee employed a Manager for the first time. John Stirling was appointed as a paid manager to ease the load on the executive committee. John Jones was VP and Bob Keillor Treasurer. Phil Corn continued as Bass coach with Ross Twyford captain. Alan Sutherland was captain/coach of Masters. Paul Carlson was appointed as coach of Flinders but was replaced as coach by Chris Burke after 4 games. The club was unhappy with the job that Paul was doing. Both coaches were captain coaches. This season Bass played Mordialloc for the “1892 Commemorative Cup” for the first time. Bass won. Masters won 3 games. Flinders won 1 game. Bass won 9 games to finish 4th and make the finals. They played Reservoir West Preston at Peanut Farm Res. St Kilda but lost. The Grandstand at Alexandra Park burned down.