Bayside Saints 11.14.80 - 4.4.28 Peninsula Raiders

31/05/2015 - 12:45 pm at Peterson St Reserve

Peninsula Raiders 4.4.28 lost to Bayside Saints 11.14.80
Goals:  S Bradshaw, S Lewis, S Hollow, M Inglese
Best:  T Mayne, J Grimmond, A Magennis, S Lewis, J Noonan, M Darrer

Disappointing day at the office for the Masters in trying conditions.  The rain set in and so did the pain for us as nothing seemed to go right.  No bounce of the ball went our way all day it seemed.  The backline was terrific and stuck to their tasks with great discipline and dedication.  The twin ‘towers’ of TrevMayne & Grimmo did great jobs and were helped out by Morgs, when he could keep his shoulders in their sockets.  Byron worked hard all day as did the midfield of Mouse, Noons and Monkey when he went in there.  Tough day for forwards but Bradders tried hard, along with Knuckles and first gamer Scotty Hollow.  In the end, we were beaten by a stronger and faster outfit.  Biscuits would like to thank Razor and the Riddler for helping out from the Legends.  Special mention to end to our runner Rossy, who put his own safety at risk with his various dancing injuries, to stroll around to hand out the messages!

Cheers Slugga