Waverley Warriors 6.9.45 - 4.3.27 Peninsula Raiders

12/07/2015 - 12:45 pm at Kolara Park

Peninsula Raiders 4.3.27 lost to Waverley Warriors 6.9.45
Goals:  D Moresco, S Doherty, S Hollow, C Brown
Best:  S Lewis, A Murphy, C Brown, S Doherty, S Hollow, D Moresco

In the beautiful warm sunshine at…..er, hang on, wrong report.  In the cold, dingy, dark surrounds of Narre Warren the Masters were greeted with a surprisingly good condition playing surface.  With the bare eighteen named with two late withdrawals, Barks pulled them on to test his 97.5% good calf muscle to give us a bench.  We started well with Morrey getting the first major drifting down from the backline and we continuing to force the ball forward as the football became harder to handle than a cake of soap in the Raider showers.  Flat hands were the order of the day and finesse was out the window.  This was good old fashioned wet weather footy.  Our midfield tried hard all day with Mouse’s diesel engine motoring to all contests supported by Murph in the guts, trying to shark tap outs from both Coops and Wokka’s taller brother playing for Waverley.  Cam Brown ran all day up and down his wing, laying heavy tackles and enjoying his ‘conversations’ with umpire and former Raider, Willo!  Shane got plenty of the ball while on a day that did not suit the big men, Scotty Hollow showed that even with 13 years out of the game, he can still find the pill with clean hands, wet or dry.  The backline as a unit once again performed magnificently with Grimmo, Trev Mayne, Gags, Morgs, TTA and Byron doing fantastic jobs all day.  Unfortunately though, the pony tail on Trevor left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth on the day.  You just can’t do that type of thing in today’s football and expect to get away with it.  Special mention to Bianca Moresco who made the mad dash home because Morrey forgot his kit.  Special mention to Vicki who took great photos of all the action.  And special mention to runner Tommy who thought to bring a beanie to keep warm but wore mesh runners in one of the poorer decisions of the day!  Oh and the pies were cold.

Great effort and with continuing efforts like this, we will eventually get the scoreboard result we deserve.

Cheers Slugga