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2015 – R11: Raiders v Carrum


Peninsula Raiders 7.5.47 lost to Carrum 11.11.77 Goals:  C Richmond 2, T Arnott 2, T Loft, G Barran, M Jacobs Best:  J Mills, T Arnott, C Richmond, L Mete, M Jacobs, J Baker

R10: Raiders v Dingley


Peninsula Raiders 6.11.47 lost to Dingley 9.12.60 Goals: D Annable 2, S Bradshaw, P Konndouras, S Bugeja, T Loft Best:  M Storr, T Loft, T Arnott, M Jacobs, D Newstead, S Bugeja What a tough, tough game but played in mostly very good spirits between ourselves and Dingley.  Given the touch up they gave us

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R9: Raiders v Bayside Saints


Peninsula Raiders 4.14.38 def Bayside Saints 5.1.31 Goals:  T Loft, G Barran, C Richmond, T Arnott Best:  S Bugeja, M Jacobs, M Storr, C Ince, T Arnott, C Dynes Eighteen scoring shots to six gives a good indication of the dominance of the Raiders over Bayside in the Supers.  Unfortunately, we so many behinds we

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R8: Raiders v Narre Warren


Peninsula Raiders 15.19.109 def Narre Warren 1.2.8 Goals:  G Barran 3, C Brown 3, S Bugeja 2, T Loft 2, C Richmond, D Newstead, C Ince, M Storr, S Bradshaw Best:  J Mills, M Jacobs, S Bugeja, C Brown, T Loft, P Konndouras, T Arnott The drought has finally broken!!  In some very damp conditions,

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R7: Raiders v Dingley


Raiders 5.3.33 lost to Dingley 24.12.156 Goals:  S Bradshaw 2, C Brown, T Loft, S Doherty Best:  C Richmond, S Bugeja, D Park, B Rumpf, J Mills, T Loft Average day for the Raiders at Dingley on a hard ground with a pretty hard at it opposition keen to inflict as much pain as possible,

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R6: Raiders v Cranbourne


Raiders 1.8.14 lost to Cranbourne 16.6.102 Goals:  Bugeja Best:  Jacobs, Bugeja, Howard, Loft, Arnott, Hester Tough day at the office for the Supers in a contest that was much closer than the scoreline would have you believe.  With an obviously undermanned side due to our long unavailables list, it was quite obvious that this Raider

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R5: Raiders v Bayside Saints


Peninsula Raiders 6.6.42 lost to Bayside Saints 9.6.60 Goals:  G Barran 4, L Mete, R Giles Best:  M Blamey, M Ogilvie, M Hester, C Richards, C Ince, B Rumpf The pain continued for the Raiders in the triple header as the Supers had a tough time of it against a pretty strong Bayside Saints outfit. 

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R4: Raiders v Narre Warren


Peninsula Raiders 24.19.163 def Narre Warren 3.1.19 Goals:  G.Mauerhofer 10, G.Barran 3, D.Newstead 3, M.Jacobs 2, S.Bugeja, D.Park, C.Richards, C.Ince, M.Storr, T.Loft Best:  G.Mauerhofer, S.Bugeja, M.Hester, C.Richmond, M.Jacobs, C.Ince The Supers finished off the triple header afternoon at the Raiderdome with an emphatic thrashing of an undermanned but competitive Narre Warren outfit.  Although, seriously what

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R3: Peninsula Raiders v Carrum Cowboys


Raiders def Carrum Cowboys 9.8.62 Goals:  Mauerhofer 3, Barran 2(1sg), Loft 2, Richmond 2, Stephens, Newstead, Mete. Best:  Bugeja, Hester, Arnott, Loft, Konndouras, Richmond. The Raiders got out to a flyer keeping Carrum goalless for the first half taking a 50 point lead into the long break.  Coach Wokka knew that the challenge would

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R2: Peninsula Raiders v Mordialloc


Raiders 7.6.48 def Mordialloc 6.4.40 Goals:  G Mauerhofer 2, G Barran 2, D Park, R Hare, C Richmond Best:  M Jacobs, C Richmond, C Ince, T Loft, M Blamey, S Bugeja To complete our trip out to Mordialloc, the Supers also came away with the chocolates in a wet, windy and hard fought out contest.

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