Peninsula Raiders 4.14.38 - 5.1.31 Bayside Saints

26/07/2015 - 2:45 pm at Raider Dome

Peninsula Raiders 4.14.38 def Bayside Saints 5.1.31
Goals:  T Loft, G Barran, C Richmond, T Arnott
Best:  S Bugeja, M Jacobs, M Storr, C Ince, T Arnott, C Dynes

Eighteen scoring shots to six gives a good indication of the dominance of the Raiders over Bayside in the Supers.  Unfortunately, we so many behinds we kept the crowd interested by keeping Bayside in the game, when we could’ve shut them out earlier.  Budge was fantastic on his wing and would be pretty sore today after copping a fair bit of treatment from Bayside, who obviously identified him as one to watch.  Matty Jacobs dominated centre half back and was fantastic, as was the whole backline with Dynesy, Leo, Brett Rumpf, Marty & Bradders all playing great games.  Nothing easy gets past those boys!  Incy, sporting another new hairstyle, is one hell of a competitor.  He’s gets back to help out the defence, he cuts across to give support to the running brigade, he gives great service in the ruck….the man is a machine!  With the swirling conditions, playing forward was no easy task and leading was a challenge but Mick Storr, Annas & Charlie battled hard on a day that did not suit key position forwards at all.  The midfield of Millsy, Lofty, Bezza, Taco & Biscuits ran hard all day to get to the next contest, and the next and next, with Biscuits capping off a great day with a long bomb from the back pocket to seal the game for the Raiders.