Narre Warren 1.2.8 - 15.19.109 Peninsula Raiders

12/07/2015 - 2:45 pm at Kolara Park

Peninsula Raiders 15.19.109 def Narre Warren 1.2.8
Goals:  G Barran 3, C Brown 3, S Bugeja 2, T Loft 2, C Richmond, D Newstead, C Ince, M Storr, S Bradshaw
Best:  J Mills, M Jacobs, S Bugeja, C Brown, T Loft, P Konndouras, T Arnott

The drought has finally broken!!  In some very damp conditions, the Raiders got themselves back on the winners board by coming away easy winners against Narre Warren, who clearly have the worst jumper in Superules.  Unfortunately, the match started off in a very negative fashion with Matty Jacobs committing a massive faux pas in wearing a tea cosy onto the ground in a competitive match.  I’m not sure you can come back from a set back such as that but the team rallied around him, he discarded the offending item, and we marched on to victory.  Charlie was unable to match the exploits of the previous Raider gun full forward and kicked 3.5 however, gave away probably another four with clever taps and handballs, so don’t be too hard on the young fella trying to make his way in the game.  Cam Brown showed his cleverness around the goals to snag three and could’ve had 4 or 5.  In the middle, Millsy, Lofty & Budge played terrific four quarter matches supported by the 150th Game champ in Biscuits, who showed that age does not weary him and he continues to get plenty of the ball.  Some lovely left footers hitting targets in wet weather was a delight to watch.  We also welcomed back the newly balded Taco who struggled with keeping the water out of his eyes but racked up possession after possession out on his wing,  Chris Richmond continued to show a clean pair of heels, which was no easy task yesterday and had many marks inside the forward 50 showing his class.  Special mention to Mick Storr who returned from illness and added some height and marking power in the forward line.  Special mention to Incy, who showed that his recent haircut has not reduced his powers and also his love of the ‘don’t argue’.   Special mention to Kenny Howard, who twinged an early hamstring but still ran water out for the rest of the day.  Great effort Kenny!  And special mention to the backline who must have battled hypothermia as the rain came and the ball didn’t.  Last special mention to a couple of blokes who need to work on their skills in wet weather…..Leo for trying to take a very optimistic bounce and to Chop, who tried two ‘chop kicks’ in a row and failed dismally at both!

Cheers Slugga