Peninsula Raiders 6.11.47 - 9.12.60 Dingley

09/08/2015 - 2:45 am at Raider Dome

Peninsula Raiders 6.11.47 lost to Dingley 9.12.60
Goals: D Annable 2, S Bradshaw, P Konndouras, S Bugeja, T Loft
Best:  M Storr, T Loft, T Arnott, M Jacobs, D Newstead, S Bugeja

What a tough, tough game but played in mostly very good spirits between ourselves and Dingley.  Given the touch up they gave us last time, this was a vast improvement.  Big Mick got his chance back in the ruck and worked tirelessly around the ground in a great display.  The skipper as always led from the front and nearly snatched the game for us in the last quarter when moved to full forward.  The swirling wind made accuracy a challenge for both teams.  New players Mark Wilson & Ricky Thompson acquitted themselves very well and looks extremely comfortable in the Raider jumpers.   Injuries to Annas and Brett Rumpf robbed us of a couple of talls at both ends of the ground, so plugging those gaps was a challenge.  The midfield with Budge, Biscuits, Mills and Willo worked hard all day with the backline of Matty J, Bradders (when plugging holes), Dynesy, Marty and Newy providing much needed strength at the rear.  Unfortunately in the end, we just fell short in a very winnable game against a highly fancied team.

Special mention to Taco, who kicked one of the longest and luckiest goals.  Special mention to Chop for running water.  Special mention to Richo, who finally got to wear his #23 and got called a dog for his trouble.  Special mention to Cam Brown, who nearly cut a bloke in half with an awesome tackle, coincidentally just in front of the coaching box!  And special thanks to Vaughanny & Rossco for doubling up to help out on the bench.  Or in Vaughanny’s case, tripling up!!