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R10: Raiders v Old Scotch/Sth Yarra


Peninsula Raiders 2.5.17 lost to Old Scotch/South Yarra 11.10.76 Goals:  P Troup, M Leonard Best:  M Leonard, R Twyford, A Ackehurst, R Sanders, R Tolliday, R Parker Our last game of Legends football for the season saw us celebrate the 150th game of Garry “Wally” Moncrieff.  A man who hates the limelight but is the

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R9: Raiders v Bayside Saints


Peninsula Raiders 2.4.16 lost to Bayside Saints 7.5.47 Goals:  T Klingenspoor, P Vaughan Best:  C Fewster, R Tolliday, M Leonard, R Twyford, R Sanders, N Pettitt The mighty Raider Legends hit the ground running to start off our first home game in two months and played a very solid and willing brand of football against

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R8: Raiders v Chirnside Park


Peninsula Raiders 0.5.5 lost to Chirnside Park 9.8.62 Goals: Best:  C Fewster, M Leonard, R Twyford, R Sanders, A Ackehurst, R Sanders The Raider Over 45’s travelled out to Chirnside Park for the first time ever for this game. After struggling to get a team together we ended up with 18 players after Raider Legend

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R7: Raiders v Old Scotch/Sth Yarra


Raiders 5.0.30 lost to Old Scotch/Sth Yarra 9.9.63 Goals:  D Hayes 2, A Riddle, R Crivellaro, R Sanders Best:  R Sanders, M Leonard, A Ackehurst, N Pettitt, R Twyford, T Smith The Raider Legends had to play Old Scotch/Sth Yarra at the very unusual Fritsch Holzer Res in Hawthorn East. The ground is on the

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R6: Raiders v Brunswick


Raiders 3.1.19 lost to Brunswick 12.9.72 Goals:  Hopkins, Beresford, Leonard Best:  Leonard, Ackehurst, Daniel, Fewster, Hare, Riddle The Raider Over 45’s travelled out to play Brunswick at Brunswick. We hoped to have a good game to celebrate Lenny’s 150th and Rugby Ross’ 100th games. Brunswick were great in cheering the boys onto the ground by

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R5: Raiders v Bayside Saints


Peninsula Raiders 6.6.42 lost to Bayside Saints 8.9.57 Goals:  R Hopkins 3, C Fewster, R Tolliday, M Beresford Best:  C Fewster, M Leonard, P Daniel, A Ackehurst, D Hayes, R Hopkins The Legends got off to a good start in beautiful sunny conditions, with a breeze to the changerooms end.  Rusty Hopkins was a great

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R4: Raiders v Craigieburn


Raiders 10.7.67 def Craigieburn 6.7.43 Goals:  R.Hare 4, D.Hayes 2, R.Hopkins 2, R.Sanders, R.Twyford Best:  C.Fewster, R.Sanders, R.Twyford, M.Leonard, R.Hare, D.Moresco, A.Ackehurst In today’s vernacular, the Legends got off to a flyer in the return bout with Craigieburn and were never really threatened on the scoreboard.  The game seemed closer though than the scoreboard indicated

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R3: Peninsula Raiders v Brunswick


Raiders 9.9.63 def Brunswick 3.5.23 Goals:  Hopkins 3, Hayes 2, Arnott 2, Sanders, Smith Best:  Arnott, Twyford, Leonard, Sanders, Ackehurst, Parker, Hare. A beautiful sunny morning at the Raiderdome saw Rossco run out for the 200th time as a Peninsula Raider with a large crowd in attendance to mark the occasion.  After a sluggish start,

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R2: Peninsula Raiders v Craigieburn


Raiders 4.4.28 lost to Craigieburn 8.2.50 Goals:  R. Hare 2, L. Marshall, R. Twyford Best:  R. Twyford, D. Hayes, G. Williams, M.Leonard, A. Ackehurst, T. Woolcock.

R1: Peninsula Raiders vs. Chirnside Park


Peninsula Raiders  3.4  6.6  8.8  9.8.62 Chirnside Park  0.1  1.4  1.5  3.7.25 Best:  G.Williams, R.Twyford, L.Todd, R.Parker, M.Leonard, A.Ackehurst Goals: R.Twyford 2, G.Williams, L.Todd, R. Hopkins, A.Ackehurst, D.Hayes, G. Moncrieff, R.Hare   Right from the outset, Lenny’s team of Legends were quicker over the ground and faster with their ball use to show their Chirnside Park

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