Peninsula Raiders 2.4.16 - 7.5.47 Bayside Saints

26/07/2015 - 11:00 am at Raider Dome

Peninsula Raiders 2.4.16 lost to Bayside Saints 7.5.47
Goals:  T Klingenspoor, P Vaughan
Best:  C Fewster, R Tolliday, M Leonard, R Twyford, R Sanders, N Pettitt

The mighty Raider Legends hit the ground running to start off our first home game in two months and played a very solid and willing brand of football against the old foe, Bayside Saints.  The game was played in mostly good spirits with only one opponent seemingly not getting the ‘spirit’ of football.  Abusing teenage boundary umpires lacks a fair bit of class it must be said.  After umpire Marshall Dillon rode into town to sort all the fuss out while his Deputy Charles stayed well clear of the trouble, things ran pretty smoothly.  Big Col was a stand out and did not once get free kicked for high knees!   Doc Tolliday off the half back line was superb and with the steady midfield of Lenny, Rossco, Riddler and Ash providing opportunities down forward.  Now that Vaughanny sorted out his Visa problems that kept him banned from the country for twelve months, it was great to see him back on the field.  The backline was ably led by Rugby Ross with Noel & Clarky providing great desperation.  In the end though, the Bayside outfit ran out comfortable winners.