Chirnside Park 9.8.62 - 0.5.5 Peninsula Raiders

12/07/2015 - 11:00 am at Kimberley Reserve

Peninsula Raiders 0.5.5 lost to Chirnside Park 9.8.62
Best:  C Fewster, M Leonard, R Twyford, R Sanders, A Ackehurst, R Sanders

The Raider Over 45’s travelled out to Chirnside Park for the first time ever for this game. After struggling to get a team together we ended up with 18 players after Raider Legend Andy Sumner agreed to pull on the boots one more time and Tommy was a late inclusion. The weather out there was no better than at home, cold and wet. The change rooms were unique with no toilets or shower but we did have a pool table though. Once the footy started it was clear it was going to be a hard day at the office. Soggy under foot, slippery footy and a tough opponent. Col dominated the ruck, Lenny was in everything, Rugby Ross worked tirelessly but it was not enough to stop us getting done again. We couldn’t get a goal despite a couple of late chances. There were a few good passages of play and good efforts by the guys who battled on in spite of the conditions.