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R8: Legends v Bayside


Peninsula Raiders 11.19.85 def Bayside Saints 7.5.47 Goals:  Twyford 2, Walker 2, Fewster 2, Inglese, Hare, Crivellaro, Daniel, Tolliday Best:  Twyford, Inglese, Sanders, Fewster, Crivellaro, Leonard   Click here for the match report

R7: Legends v Old Scotch/Sth Yarra


Peninsula Raiders 7.18.60 def Old Scotch/South Yarra 6.5.41 Goals:  Maclean 4, Inglese 2, Sanders Best:  Sanders, Twyford, Maclean, Inglese, Fewster, Ackehurst Click HERE for the match report.

R6: Legends v Brunswick


Peninsula Raiders 6.7.43 lost to Brunswick Goals:  Inglese 3, Basile, Lack, Crivellaro Best:  Twyford, Sanders, Inglese, Crivellaro, Basile, Woolcock, Smith “If a dog’s born in a stable, it doesn’t make it a horse” and with those words the Legends stormed the ground. Up against a brilliantly white jumpered Brunswick, who looked like an OMO

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R5: Legends v Northern Districts


Peninsula Raiders 5.11.41 def Northern Districts 2.7.19 Goals:  Twyford 2, Daniel, Sanders, Walker. Best:  Inglese, Fewster, Sanders, Twyford, Daniel, Basile It was cold. Cold and wet. Fine in a heat wave, no good in Bundoora playing footy at 10.00am. The raiders legends having been denied a win all season, were up against some stiff competition,

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R4: Legends v Williamstown


Peninsula Raiders 2.10.22 lost to Williamstown 4.13.37 Goals:  Sanders 2 Best:  Mete, Sanders, Twyford, Mauerhofer, Smith, Gillespie, Ackehurst.  Click here for the Match report from the coach

2016 R3 Vs Chirnside Park


Peninsula Raiders 6-4-40 lost to Chirnside Park Goals: G.McCracken, R.Tolliday, R.Twyford, C.Fewster, R.Crivellaro, R.Sanders Best: R.Sanders, C. Fewster, R.Twyford, M.Darrer, A. Ackehurst, T.Smith Check Out Dynesy Dictation for the match report by clicking HERE.

2016 R2 Vs Craigieburn


Peninsula Raiders 5.3.33 lost to Craigieburn 16.8.104 Goals: Gregalinko 2, Razor, Wally, Pete Daniels. Best: P.Daniels, R.Twyford, R. Saunders, T. Daziel, Rowdy. The legends got up very early, packed a lunch and dragged out the old Melways and headed across to Craigieburn very excited to be wearing the new Clash Jumpers (proudly sponsored by BROO –

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2016 Round 1 – v Melbourne


Peninsula Raiders 6.6.42 lost to Melbourne 11.4.70 Goals:  Troup, Sanders, Hare, Stevens, Todd, Hopkins Best:  Sanders, Todd, Hare, Hayes, V Brown, Dynes, Raeburn After getting off to a rusty, slow start up the hill against the wind and being down 27 points at quarter time, the Legends (including many Dynes annointed Immortals) fought hard to

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