Northern Districts 2.7.19 - 5.11.41 Peninsula Raiders

19/06/2016 - 11:00 am at Yulong Park

Peninsula Raiders 5.11.41 def Northern Districts 2.7.19
Goals:  Twyford 2, Daniel, Sanders, Walker.
Best:  Inglese, Fewster, Sanders, Twyford, Daniel, Basile

It was cold. Cold and wet. Fine in a heat wave, no good in Bundoora playing footy at 10.00am.
The raiders legends having been denied a win all season, were up against some stiff competition, with Northern Districts also winless at the halfway mark of the season.
After an inspiring pre match address by coach Dynsey, which concentrated uncomfortably on headstones, mortality, death and the ‘dash” the Raiders hit the sodden turf.
Hard tackling and a bit of run from Sir Knuckles, who always runs like he’s stolen something and inspiring ruck work from Big ( I only tap it 50 meteres) Col Fewster saw the Raiders win the first Quarter.
Baz after 3 hammies this season was a blur on the ground and gives us lots to look forward to.
Halftime, and our lead had evaporated unlike the mud and water on the ground. A bit of soul searching and we hit the scoreboard hard in the third. Rugby Ross was hard, Ash not, Vinnie loud, Noel wore a beannie and that forward line of Whiskey, Gregalencko and Razor gave us great targets. Final quarter sees 2 quick goals and then Raider goal of year. Rossco, kicks, marks his own kick, handballs, receives his own handball, tackles himself, bursts through a pack made of himself and shoots accurately 2 metres out to put the result out of question. Raider 5.11 to Northern 2.7
Best players were all of us, but more bestest were Ross, Knuckles, Col Fewster, Rossco, Bazz and Pete Daniel.