Peninsula Raiders 6.6.42 - 11.4.70 Melbourne

10/04/2016 - 11:00 am at Alexandra Park

Peninsula Raiders 6.6.42 lost to Melbourne 11.4.70
Goals:  Troup, Sanders, Hare, Stevens, Todd, Hopkins
Best:  Sanders, Todd, Hare, Hayes, V Brown, Dynes, Raeburn

After getting off to a rusty, slow start up the hill against the wind and being down 27 points at quarter time, the Legends (including many Dynes annointed Immortals) fought hard to get the game back on an even keel for the rest of the day.  Led by Captain Rugby Ross, who took his tackling up a notch, and his midfield in Toddy & Vinny Brown, we were able to hold our own for the final three quarters, but could not quite bridge the first quarter gap, going down by 28 points.  Unfortunately we could not get a win for Troupy’s 150th game but he did get the chocolates from Dynesy after the game.  Now we have three weeks to nurse our bruises!