Peninsula Raiders 6.7.43 - Brunswick

03/07/2016 - 11:00 am at Alexandra Park

Peninsula Raiders 6.7.43 lost to Brunswick
Goals:  Inglese 3, Basile, Lack, Crivellaro
Best:  Twyford, Sanders, Inglese, Crivellaro, Basile, Woolcock, Smith

“If a dog’s born in a stable, it doesn’t make it a horse” and with those words the Legends stormed the ground. Up against a brilliantly white jumpered Brunswick, who looked like an OMO advert on steroids, the legends managed to keep it an even tussle for 3 quarters. Going in at Half time a few points down, you’d have thought we would repeat our heroics from Bundoora 2 weeks earlier. Not to be. After being issued sunglasses to keep the opponent’s jumper glare to a minimum Rossco blitzed and Bazz showed some real polish with Robbie Criv and his magic knees performing magnificently. The legends went into the final quarter with hopes up. Dynesy told us to hold that ball like a newborn, protect it, and only give to a friend to hold. Well clearly none of us knew what to do with a newborn apart from avoid them. And avoid it we did, you would have thought the damn thing had red hair. Brunswick skipped away to a tidy lead, whilst we all ran around like the Chamberlains on holiday yelling “who’s got my baby, Brunswick stole my baby”. We finished well, tackled hard in the dying moments and had we played like that all quarter we would have been proud fathers of a win. Best were Surrogate father Rossco, biological Father Bazz, paternal father Terry, everyone’s favourite daddy Rugby Ross and the doting ball parents, Fluffy and Knuckles. Brunswick 1.9.7 Def Raiders 6.7  (Knuckles gave birth to triplets in the goal department)