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Round 10 Legends


Peninsula Raiders 3.5.23 lost to Brunswick 4.11.35 Goals:  Beresford, Hayes, M Daniel Best:  Darrer, Gucciardo, Sanders, Twyford, Peasley, Smith MATCH REPORT Legends Vs Brunswick The last Hurrah At the start of the season the coaching mantra was a simple one. Get 24 blokes to extend their football longevity. For some it was a season they

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Legends Round 9


Peninsula Raiders 7.7.49 lost to Geelong 16.7.103 Goals:  Vaughan 2, Crivellaro 2, Arnott, Hayes, Turner Best:  Twyford, Arnott, Vaughan, Turner, Crivellaro, Darrer

Legends Round 7


Peninsula Raiders 2.1.13 lost to South Yarra 10.10.70 Goals:  Stevens, Tolliday Best:  Twyford, Crivellaro, Sanders, Smith, Peasley, Beresford

Legends Round 6


Peninsula Raiders 5.9.39 lost to Frankston 9.4.58 Goals:  Stevens 3, Woolcock, Turner Best:  Crivellaro, Twyford, Turner, Mete, Hare, Smith

Legends Round 5


Peninsula Raiders 10.4.64 def Carrum 8.5.53 Goals:  Turner 3, Basile 3, Stevens 2, Crivellaro 2 Best:  Turner, Crivellaro, Basile, Twyford, Parker, Peasley

Legends Round 4


Peninsula Raiders 5.7.37 lost to Beaconsfield 6.4.40 Goals:  Arnott 2, Stevens 2, Daniel Best:  Arnott, Bradshaw, Sanders, Turner, Daniel, Peasley

Legends Round 2


Peninsula Raiders 7.5.47 lost to Essendon 8.9.57 Goals:  S Turner 3, J Walker, P Basile, R Twyford, P Daniel Best:  R Twyford, S Turner, P Daniel, R Sanders, A Peasley, P Basile

Rd 1 Legends Vs Coburg


Peninsula Raiders 10.8.68 def Coburg 10.6.66 Goals:  S Turner 2, J Walker 2, R Sanders 2, P Daniel, M Daniel, T Smith Best:  A Peasley, R Twyford, P Daniel, S Turner, M Beresford, R Hare Click here for the match report.

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