Brunswick 4.11.35 - 3.5.23 Peninsula Raiders

11/08/2019 - 10:45 am at McAllister Oval

Peninsula Raiders 3.5.23 lost to Brunswick 4.11.35
Goals:  Beresford, Hayes, M Daniel
Best:  Darrer, Gucciardo, Sanders, Twyford, Peasley, Smith


Legends Vs Brunswick

The last Hurrah

At the start of the season the coaching mantra was a simple one. Get 24 blokes to extend their football longevity. For some it was a season they may well not have had, for others it kept the flame alive for another year. To gel a team together and make sure that the Club saw us, heard us and respected us. There’s not a lot you can teach an over 50 year old about footy. You have nothing left to learn and I certainly had nothing to teach. And like teaching the alphabet to a goldfish, instructions and strategies disappear at the boundary line…

So the plan was simple…a few basics, keep it simple, have a laugh, get serious when needed, and enjoy.

Thanks to the Club for the support and commitment in getting a new side off the ground. Thanks to the off-field team  as well, Kev for the paperwork, Shags, Rossco, Cat for logistics (where are the jumpers?) and of course health, injury and survival from Paula..nothing happens without these people. Thanks to Mr Motivation, Tezza for captain duties (won 2 tosses all year) and Cat for assistantly coaching and moving my fucking magnets when I wasn’t looking.

There has to be a hero and that hero is the playing squad. Thank you for your commitment, your valour, your every effort. Everyone put in all year and never lost heart.

What better way to finish than a road trip to Brunswick.

They’ve had the wood on us for a few years now, but today we served it up.

The highlights of the day which narrowly ended in defeat were:

Morgs in the centre. Mr crash and bash…he look like a stunt double out of Swamp People.

Slugga has reinstated democratic rule to football. When the coach says come off, Slugga exercises his right not to.

Occy kept eyes moist, hearts beating and flags flying with an impressive display that was capped off with a long kick that resembled a North Korean missile. It found it’s mark and the full forward was rewarded and deftly goaled. But like a North Korean missile, there was a problem. Wrong full forward. Wrong direction. Wrong.

Blakey had his first run for the club and did not break down.

Cus was injured but shrugged it off as he looked forward to his 3 hour drive home.

The Gooch shunned tackles like he does body hair and Razor wore long sleeves coz he’s embarrassed by his hairy shoulders. Rossco was Rossco, but to everyone’s relief actually stuffed up once. Tezza ran and Rubgy ran through. Cat moved my magnets, Pete Daniels bought his brother who’s name is Pete Daniels’ Brother. (note the use of the apostrophe showing plural possession). Fluffy could have marked but wasn’t on the ground at the time, but assured me he would have. Potential mark. That’s a stat, look it up. Dicko ended the season as he started, injured. Noel actually had two ciggies at half time in the belief that if one makes you feel better, two would make you feel terrific. Robbie Criv counted as he ran and the number of the counting was Ten. Not sixteen, not nine, and now that the season’s over Kev no longer has to hide debilitating injuries from his wife by making up simplistic ridiculous prognosises to disguise horrific injuries.

Pre season awaits and good luck to the 35’s and 45’s in the finals