Wordsmith Rd 6 Masters Match Report


The weather was fine, we were at the dome and the stage was set for an epic battle.
The Masters didn’t pull any punches on their way to a disappointing loss but everyone contributed to the best of their ability.
We followed the team rules and played up to most expectations.
Our ball movement up and down the ground was the best we have performed for some time. Injuries to key players hurt us in maintaining our pressure and the opposition seized on fundamental mistakes to hurt us on the scoreboard. I made some surprising discoveries when players were moved out of their normal positions and took on new roles with enthusiasm and proficiency. We lost to an undefeated top of the ladder side but listening to their banter we were the best they’ve come up against to date. Im sure we’re all looking forward to stringing a couple of wins together in the next few weeks.
Well done team. Sterling effort.


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