Wordsmith Masters Rd 10 Match Report


Masters v Mordialloc

Although we went into this game knowing it was a dead rubber a better more rounded exhibition would’ve been encouraging.

A lack lustre performance with all players just going through the motions isn’t what we are about.

I’m not sure whether we were thinking about saving our bodies for next week or if we were genuinely not interested but it wasn’t a good look and certainly very “unraider” like.

Too many chiefs and not enough Indians promoted a self absorbed style of play that was counter productive to a more palatable result. We need to regroup and recapture our ‘Team Game’.

This is the only pathway to success and the only way to secure the ultimate prize. Think about the way the game unfolded and run your own scenarios as to where you think we could’ve improved.

This game is now in the history books and we look forward to a more hard edged, enthusiastic and TEAM orientated finals campaign.

All the best, Smithy.

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