Wordsmith Masters match report


Game three of the season saw the Masters take on a spirited Doveton. It was a titanic arm wrestle for nearly three quarters until we were able to break the game open. We lost some of our prime moving force through injury but it was encouraging to see our establishing players stepping up to fill the void. Questions were asked of all positions and we responded in the most positive way. I thought this was our first real test as a team and the outcome made up for what I thought was a ‘flat’ vibe amongst the group. The team worked well to the structures and set plays and despite being well behind on the free kick count, kept calm and disciplined. It was fantastic to have the interchange become a vital part of the named side. Our ability to cover off any scenario while giving all players game time is a testament to the cohesiveness of the group. It wasn’t a pretty win but one we needed to experience. Looking forward to R4 at the Raiderdome. See you at training…….Smithy.

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