The Legends Last Supper


The Legends had a great day today, didn’t have to travel too far, no one got hurt as far as I can tell.

Our best player did us proud in the Masters and as usual everyone chipped in to make it a lot of fun.

Very proud of smithy and his Masters boys, we were all pretty cocky at half time up in the cheap seats.

Not to be though, but there was some pretty good looking Legends players running around out there : biscuits, Vaughny, Mouse,Leon,Staylesy, Trev and even Smithy who’s welcome in the Legends dodgy knees and all!

Our lunch arrived a bit early and we arrived a bit late but no one seemed to complain and there was plenty left over at the end.

Our best on ground would have to be Clarky for his design and printing of the legends mix disc cover. Nice work mate.

Other notable efforts were Bridie of course for burning the discs and her help today, Kim (Razor) and Sue(rugby) for just stepping up and sorting out the roast lunch.

The hermit crab racing was a bit of a debacle but the kids loved it when they finally took off and a few bucks were raised for Fish.

Just bloody good fun really and all power to Wockas Supers and the club in general.

Love always Dynesy.

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