Peninsula Raiders 7.10.52 - 15.14.104 Parkdale

12/04/2015 - 2:45 pm at Alexandra Park

Peninsula Raiders  1.2  3.5  5.9  7.10.52

Parkdale  5.2  10.9  12.12  15.14.104

Best:  C.Richards, S.Bugeja, M. Storr, M.Jacobs, D.Park, T.Loft

Goals:  G.Barran 3, D. Annable, T.Loft, M. Storr, C. Richards
The tough day at the office continued for Wokka’s men in the Supers with Parkdale just too damn strong and good for us.  As Raiders, the effort is always there, but some days it just doesn’t go the way you want it.  Great to see Richo & Rossy acquit themselves well at the Supers level along with first gamers Gilesy & Incy.  Charlie was a good focal point in attack but losing Annas early to a hammy certainly didn’t help.  Matty J continued on from 2014 across half back while it was good to see the big man brigade of Big Mick, Big Col and Big-ish Budge doing their thing on the Raiderdome in 2015.  Onwards to Round 2!  Cheers Slugga