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Supers GF v Frankston


Grand Final: Peninsula Raiders 6.4.40 lost to Frankston 8.4.52 Goals:  Damon 3, Annable 2, Tomamichel Best:  Damon, Allen, Richardson, G Woods, Reints, Dale

GF: Supers V De La Salle


Peninsula Raiders 1.12.18 lost to De La Salle 6.9.45 Goal:  Bugeja Best:  Richardson, Coutts, Dennis, Loft, Wilkie, Woods

SF: Supers v Carrum


Peninsula Raiders 5.7.37 def Carrum 4.8.32 Goals:  Wardlaw, Bugeja, Richmond, Coutts, Loft Best:  Richardson, Ince, Jacobs, Dale, Annable, Richards

R10: Supers v Carrum


Peninsula Raiders 9.7.61 def Carrum 6.8.44 Goals:  Austin 4, Flack 3, Ince, Boyes Best:  Ince, Austin, Oakley, Flack, Coutts, Jacobs

R9: Supers v Dingley


Peninsula Raiders 20.7.127 def Dingley 3.6.24 Goals:  Flack 9, Austin 2, Keegan 2, Wardlaw 2, Woods, Clark, Richmond, Coutts, Annable Best:  Flack, Austin, Ince, Boyes, Richmond, Coutts

R8: Supers v Mordialloc


Peninsula Raiders 10.4.64 def Mordialloc 5.7.37 Goals:  Flack 5, Bugeja, Annable, Keegan, Austin, Loft Best:  Austin, Woods, Jacobs, Flack, Belcher, Dale

R7: Supers v Waverley Warriors


Peninsula Raiders 18.6.114 def Waverley Warriors 3.1.19 Goals:  Flack 4, Keegan 3, Austin 3, Richmond, Annable, Maclean, Wardlaw, Richardson, Humphries, Boyes, Newton Best:  Flack, Belcher, Berryman, Richardson, Keegan, Coutts click here for the match report

R6: Supers v De La Salle


Peninsula Raiders 1.10.16 lost to De La Salle 9.8.62 Goal:  Boyes Best:  Richmond, Woods, Belcher, Clark, Oakley, Coutts.

R5: Supers v Carrum


Peninsula Raiders 10.17.77 def Carrum 4.5.29 Goals:  Bugeja 2, Wardlaw 2, Loft 2, Maclean, Richmond, Dennis, Wilkie. Best:  Lawrence, Dennis, M Clark, Boyes, Sier, Austin. Click here for the match report

R4: Supers v Melbourne


Peninsula Raiders 8.8.56 def Melbourne 7.2.44 Goals:  Bugeja 6, Richardson, Woods. Best:  Bugeja, Woods, Holmes, Kestle, Dale, Lawrence

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