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SF: Reserves v Bayside Saints


Peninsula Raiders 4.6.30 lost to Bayside Saints 6.5.41 Goals:  Mauerhofer, B Stephens, Arnott, Newstead Best:  Park, Arnott, Wright, Newton, Lewis, Mauerhofer

R10: Reserves v Carrum


Peninsula Raiders 10.5.65 def Carrum 5.7.37 Goals:  B Stephens 3, Newstead 3, Barran, Lewis, Arnott, Bramley Best:  Richards, Arnott, Lewis, B Stephens, Wardlaw

R9: Reserves v Dingley


Peninsula Raiders 5.7.37 lost to Dingley 9.2.56 Goals:  Lewis 2, B Stephens 2, Arnott Best:  Lewis, B Stephens, Walker, Arnott, Barker

R8: Reserves v Mordialloc


Peninsula Raiders 6.12.48 def Mordialloc 3.1.19 Goals:  B Stephens 2, Newstead 2, Barran, Vaughan Best:  Berryman, Wright, Park, Newstead, Chant

R7: Reserve v Waverley Warriors


Peninsula Raiders 22.23.155 def Waverley Warriors 3.0.18 Goals:  Vaughan 5, Staley 4, B Stephens 3, Brown 2, Barran 2, Lewis 2, Thomas, Park, Moresco, Murphy Best:  Wright, Park, Murphy, Vaughan, Chant Click here for the match report

R6: Reserves v South Yarra


Peninsula Raiders 5.10.40 def South Yarra 4.5.29 Goals:  Barran 3, Newstead 2. Best:  Barran, Bedford, Park, Moresco, Chant, Wright.

R5: Reserves v Carrum


Peninsula Raiders 12.9.81 def Carrum 4.4.28 Goals:  Barran 4, Newstead 3, Lewis, Wright, Bedford, Oakley, Brown. Best:  Arnott, Chant, Magennis, Newstead, Park, Barran. Click here for the match report

R4: Reserves v Melbourne


Peninsula Raiders 14.9.93 def Melbourne 1.4.10 Goals:  Maclean 5, Barker 2, Brown 2, Newstead 2, Vaughan, Arnott, M Stephens Best:  Clark, Maclean, Arnott, Park, M Stephens

R3: Reserve v Bayside Saints


Peninsula Raiders 13.9.87 def Bayside Saints 9.4.58 Goals:  Barran 6, Vaughan 2, Bedford, B Stephens, Arnott, Chant, Brown. Best:  Richards, Arnott, Barran, Park, Chant, Lewis. Click Here for match report Click here for the match gallery.

R2: Reserves v Dingley


Peninsula Raiders 13.5.83 def Dingley 7.5.47 Goals:  G Barran 4, P Vaughan 3, C Maclean 2, B Stephens 2, S Bramley, C Brown Best:  L Chant, T Arnott, S Bramley, G Barran, P Vaughan Click here for the match report

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