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SF: Super v Mordialloc


Peninsula Raiders 2.6.18 lost to Mordialloc 10.5.65 Goals: Richmond, Park Best:  Park, Richmond, Bugeja, Bramley, Loft, Fisher

R10: Supers v Mordialloc


Peninsula Raiders 5.7.37 drew with Mordialloc 5.7.37 Goals:  Arnott, Thompson, Richmond, Keegan, Park Best:  Belcher, Austin, Newton, Thompson, Richmond, Richards

Rd 9: Supers vs Dingley


Goal Kickers: D. Annable 5, G. Barran 3, S. Austin 2, L. Coaker Best Players: S. Austin, D. Annable, C. Richards, T. Loft, C. Richmond, S. Bramley

R8 Supers Vs Carrum Cowboys


Peninsula Raiders 5.5.35 lost to Carrum Cowboys 9.6.60 Goal Kickers: D. Annable 4, N. Bassett Best Players: C. Ince, D. Annable, C. Richards, C. Richmond, T. Loft, S. Bugeja

R7: Supers v Bayside Saints


Peninsula Raiders 11.11.77 def Bayside Saints 6.7.43 Goals: Coaker 3, Richmond 3, Keegan 2, Loft, Annable, Austin Best:  Austin, Richmond, Newton, Coaker, Keegan, Ince, Bugeja

R6: Supers v Cranbourne


Peninsula Raiders 3.8.26 lost to Cranbourne 18.16.124 Goals:  Annable 2, Bedford Best:  Gardener, Annable, Bugeja, Bramley, Dynes, Richards

R5: Supers v Dingley


Peninsula Raiders 9.9.63 def Dingley 8.5.53 Goals:  Austin 3, Annable 2, Bramley, Coaker, Barran, Wardlaw Best:  Gardener, Bramley, Austin, Belcher, Richmond, Richards

R4: Supers v Mordialloc


Peninsula Raiders 5.12.42 def Mordialloc 5.11.41 Goals: Barran 2, Annable, Park, Loft. Best: Austin, Arnott, Gardener, Belcher, Newton, Bugeja.

R3: Supers v Carrum


Peninsula Raiders 9.6.60 def Carrum 7.4.46 Goals:  Loft 3, Ince 2, Maclean 2, Barran, Arnott. Best:  Bugeja, Arnott, Austin, Loft, Corbett.

R2: Supers v Bayside Saints


Peninsula Raiders 8.9.57 def Bayside Saints 7.7.49 Goals:  Park 2, Maclean 2, Austin, Loft, Bugeja, Ramsay. Best:  Ince, Gardener, Jacobs, Oakley, Ross, Loft, Maclean, Corbett.

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