Ross Twyford – 200 games


In Round 3 this weekend, we congratulate Ross Twyford on the magnificent achievement of 200 superules games for the Peninsula Raiders Footy Club.  As a footballer, you’d be hard pressed to find a more dedicated and professional person who just wants to get the absolute best out of himself, as will be shown tomorrow night as he wades through the chilly waters of the bay in his post game recovery ritual.  Rossco now enjoys a new lease of life coming out of being one of the best full backs in Superules to now running amok in the midfield for the Legends.  And you can tell he is just having a ball doing it!!  Apart from his enormous deeds on the field, Rossco is clearly the glue that keeps the Raiders together.  I am quite positive that without Rossco doing his many different administrative duties, we would simply have fallen in a heap a long time ago!!   200 games of superules footy equals nearly 20 odd seasons given that we play around 10-11 games per season and I think his career at the Raiders started in 1997, so that’s a fair bit of leather poisoning!

To all Raiders players, members and former players, we invite you down to the Raiderdome on Sunday at 11am to cheer Rossco out for the 200th time!!

Congratulations Rossco.  You are a marvel.


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