Post from Powelly. O45s Rd 8 Match Report


Despite the arctic conditions that would see even a polar bear stay at home.. in true raiders spirit the forty fives took to the ice-skating rink they call Crib point.

Our back line was as solid as an iceberg, with some of our over fifties showing the way ( Rugby Ross, Razor Ray, Terry and Rosco).

In the centre ,Biscuits and Mouse fought hard all day with Juppy linking up a treat.
C-Mac and Gabe contested strongly in the ruck and bagged a few sweet goals going forward.

Despite the game being better suited to penguins – with much slipping and sliding , it was a great team effort and always a buzz to sing the song at the end .

Hard at it Pat Foy was our only injury and fingers crossed he recovers well and doesn’t spoil Linda’s holiday !

Well done everyone- it was a great team effort. Looking forward to seeing everyone at training as we march towards the finals – go Raiders!!!

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