Legends Match Report Round 8 Vs Bayside


A triple header against Bayside Saints at their home fortress. Last game for the year. One chance at redemption.
There is no greater challenge in football. Scott had the Antarctic, Luke had Darth, Coyotte had Roadrunner, Bill had Malcolm… we had Bayside Saints.
Pressure was on. This would be hard. Harder than Everest. Harder than something that’s really hard to do and definitely harder than a cat’s head.
Bayside have had the wood over us in recent years with some big losses near misses and others a complete disaster – it was game on
But today was gunna be different, with all of us knowing we were a link in rusted chain (thanks again Dynsey, although the identity of the lone separate link that fell out and slid under the water bottles was lost on us… A deeper message Dynsey?.), the Legends hit the ground running.
There was a different feeling in the old boys’ bones as we chipped ourselves out of trouble, presented up forward and shared the ball around like never before.
Half time saw us ahead, heads up and pumped. Apart from the fact we thumped more behinds than a catholic priest at a boys home, the lead was there and we were playing like a side that should have been 5 goals up.
Big Col in the ruck and the centre line of Robbie Criv, Rossco and Knuckles was unbeatable. Chuck in Razor and Big Whiskey as targets and we were looking good.
Vinnie returned from his surfing holiday in time to pretend to help us out in the 3rd quarter, whilst Dazza and Dynsey owned the back line.
Captain Ross was tough as nails and handed out backline justice like a Yellow Cab driver at an Uber  Christmas party.
Last quarter and we piled it on. Robbie Criv grew an extra head, The Rock Doctor chipped in for a tidy goal and Lenny with his distinctive European tan and designer stubble
looked good all day.
Raiders 11.19 87 Def Bayside 7.5 47  and setting the day up for (spoiler alert!!) a perfect day with 3 wins.

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