Lanyons Lines. Rd 5 Masters match report.


Match report.

2nd game at the dome in a row, we played host to carrum, the conditions we once again perfect, also with such a big weekend on the football calendar, what a Fantastic Gesture it was for Bretta to hand over the reins to Byron to lead us out for the day, everyone was right behind Adzy.

He won the toss and game on.

Once again another flying start with some great ball use and scoreboard conversion gave us another great buffer at qtr time, carrum rallied as we knew they would with some more physical pressure to the contest, this was welcomed with open arms and you boys relished it!

Resetting at 1/2 time, we were all looking forward to getting on with it, simple plan of just increasing the margin and enjoying the game, it was a great game to watch and was enjoyed by all involved.

We couldn’t ask for a better start (obviously) to be 5-0 at the turn, so great work lads, the challenges don’t come any easier though as we face the White Hot Sth Yarra, (next at the Dome) bring it on!!

Also I’d like to say a big congrats the supers on there dominate display and Smashing carrum and taking back what is rightfully yours, Top spot on the ladder.

Bring on the next game, again at the Dome!

Cheers JL

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