Lanyons Lines. Rd 4 Masters Match Report


Masters report Rnd 4.

After a couple of fantastic wins on the road it was great to be back at the Dome. We hosted Melbourne, tricky conditions but it was good the heavens didn’t open.

Once again some very welcomed key position inclusions in the side. We were rev’d up.

I personally believe we may of thought we had the Chocolates before the bounce though, it was a tussle in the 1st and Melbourne made sure no possessions were easy, in actual fact they hurt us on our turnover and played the brand of footy we normally do. Quick ball movement, running into space and creating opportunities, we allowed this to happen with some average skill, poor communication to the carrier and getting taken away from our normal attacking explosive brand of footy.

I think we might have been lucky to the fact they had no avenue to goal and couldn’t hurt us on the scoreboard. We reset at the 1st break and followed the instructions to hit the hot spot with the ball, then the goals started to tick over.
With a very handy buffer at the main break it was time to open up the game on our terms and ensure we got our reward for effort. To Melbourne’s credit they kept up the resilience but they couldn’t stop our scoreboard pressure, into the last qtr with an unassailable lead and not to mention only 3 fit players on the pine (which appears to be the norm weekly),we as usual ground away and increased the margin with hitting the scoreboard.

It was great to get the points, it was also good it was our greatest winning margin of the season. I think personally and I’m sure I’m not alone here, I think this was not our best team performance for the year, in no disrespect to Melbourne, if this had’ve been a better outfit on the day I’m not confident we would’ve been singing the song?!

Let’s tick this box and really look forward to hosting one of the better sides of the comp in the cowboys and getting back to the way we can and will play moving forward.

There’s a tonne of ability and Leadership in this playing group. I know there’s not always a lot of continuity with all the weekly changes, however as we head to the middle of the campaign, let’s all get to training, keep up the touch, let’s seriously get Up & About to host the cowgirls.

Cheers JL

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