Lanyons Lines. Rd 2 Masters match report.


Masters report.

Our 1st away trip to Dingley (last years grand finalist) was always going to be a challenging prospect.

We had a list change of 6 players from round 1 with some very welcomed additions, we had to get the mood right and ensure we got off to a good start as we did in round 1, and good start we did!!!!

Our ball use was sublime, our on field communication was great and our goal kicking accuracy was perfect, more importantly our pressure when they had the ball was 1st class and created a lot of there turnovers and inaccuracy

That 1st qtr left Dingley stunned, we always knew that would reset and rally at the 1st break and they came out in patches for the balance of the game and showed glimpses.

What showed from there was great on field resilience and leadership across the ground to arrest any surges they had, it was a great even contest from qtr time, also with 3 injuries we had, everybody put there hand up to ensure we were never going to let this one slip (once again).

As I said after the game lads I was proud of each and everyone of you, 2 from 2, let’s make sure we keep it rolling, a big congratulations to the supers for there great very convincing win also.

Well done boys, cheers JL

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