Huberts Hyperbole. Legends Rd 6 Match report.


Round 6 v South Yarra

On a perfect day for Football apart from the howling gale and driving rain. The Legends took to the Raiderdome against South Yarra.

With only 18 fit Legends from the usual team we called on Bradders, Parksy and Noons (50th game for the Raiders) to help us out. With the late inclusion of Chop, Jum (1st game for the Raiders) and Rugby Ross putting aside his stuffed knee for the occasion we ended up with a full team of 24.

Luck was on our side when the toss went our way and we got to kick to the fabled Safeway end.

The midfield of Rossco, Riddler, Col, Robbie Criv, Steve and Parksy were cracking in and winning the centre clearances. The forward line of Razor, Big Rich, Noons, Shags, TTA, Rugby, Jum and Tugboat were providing plenty of options whilst the defence was just trying to keep warm. We got off to high scoring start with 1 goal 3 behinds for the quarter. South Yarra snagged one late to get within a point at the qtr time break.

Second quarter the boys reset and the defence prepared themselves for the coming onslaught. With South Yarra pumping the ball in the defence were magnificent. Bradders provided plenty of run, Cheezels, and Leo positioned themselves intelligently to take some fantastic intercept marks whilst Hawk, Cus, Live Kev and Slugga were playing tight contested footy. Through the guts Gooch, Chop and Tezza ran hard and provided the much need link up into the breeze which enabled us to more than double our score whilst holding South Yarra scoreless for the qtr.

Third quarter kicking with the slight breeze again we attacked relentlessly. Big Jum took a telling pack mark to snag a much-needed goal, Rugby Ross patrolled the forward line on his good leg looking to lay one of his trademark tackles, and TTA, just like a night at Beaches, was into everything. South Yarra kicked one into the breeze to bring them within two goals at the 3qtr time break.

Last quarter and the defence were again primed and combined resolutely to keep South Yarra scoreless for the qtr. With the midfield still working hard and the forwards again providing plenty of options we equalled our high scoring first qtr to win by 21pts.

Well done to all Legends who played with passion, intensity and teamwork.

Thanks to Vinnny and Deas for their unwavering support on the interchange and a big thanks to Parksy, Noons, Chop and Bradders for helping us out.

Go Raiders!

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