History of the Raiders


There is much debate among historians about what drove the Viking expansion. One widely held idea is that it was a quest for retaliation against continental Europeans for their previous invasions of Viking homelands, such as Charlemagne’s campaign to force Scandinavian pagans to convert to Christianity by killing any who refused to become baptized.

The historian Rudolf Simek has observed, “It is not a coincidence if the early Viking activity occurred during the reign of Charlemagne.” Those who favor this explanation point out that the penetration of Christianity into Scandinavia caused serious conflict and divided Norway for almost a century. However, the first target of Viking raids was not the Frankish Kingdom, but the Mornington Peninsula .

The Vikings had long coveted the vast tracks of arable land in Red Hill and the surf beaches of Point Leo and Shoreham. The bottleshops in Norway were shit, and with the discovery of plans to build a Thirsty Camel on both sides of the Nepean, the defeat of the native Mornington settlers was all but assured. Myths also abounded… A freeway linking the peninsula to Springvale Road and beyond, and yet another to take the peninsula daytrippers to Ringwood and on to the Eastern …surely just fantasy. But still the Vikings sailed.

But the Mornington natives devised a plan, one so bold as to be a complete surprise to the Vikings of the North Sea. The Morningtonites, wait for it… encouraged the Vikings to sail to their shores. And sail they did. As the Vikings arrived in Frankston, they were tempted by her riches. They loved Daveys, especially the over 35’s night, they drowned their sorrows at The Grand, went to Maccas and danced the nights away at the 20th Century Dance Club. They loved Franga. The Mornington plan had worked! Give them Frankston and save Mornington. But Olivers Hill wasn’t enough to keep them at bay, and so a secret society of illuminati were assembled and over the years, their existence, a closely guarded secret, held the heathens at bay. Disguised as a Superules footy team, these Raiders have kept Mornington safe from attack. They stay safe by pretending to be Vikings and indeed have adopted Viking apparel and icons in which to confuse the Vikings who are living the high life at the Pines.

And that is why we are the Peninsula Raiders.

Paul Clark
Viking Historian
Peninsula Raiders Superules Football Club

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