Dynesy’s Dictation, Rd 6, 2019. 45s Match Report.


Great morning for the 45s.

We won by plenty against a competent opponent.

Probably/possibly our most impressive performance yet.

Powelly told us how to roll and that’s how we rolled.

First bounce C’Mack to Parksy and goal within 30 seconds, nice.

That was impressive but more so was the tackling, harassing, smothers ,blocks, shepherds, punches from behind, running to assist, all the stuff that constitutes a good team.

Thanks to Matty Clarke for filling in admirably for Burnsy who couldn’t make it, and Trev Mayne for coming in for his first game, great to have him back.

They only kicked one goal, thanks largely to yours truly, can’t begrudge them one goal though can we.

Commiserations to the legends and their legendary Tugboat, and to the Supers who have experienced both ends of the footy spectrum in the last two games.

Congratulations to the Masters who have just dragged themselves back into the season, with great leadership and dogged determination, all power to you boys.

Also thanks to all the raiders who contributed to making the ladies day so terrific, heaps of girls up there that I didn’t recognise, and no doubt they didn’t recognise me either.

That’s a sure sign that the younger generation of raider players and families are involved, and I’ve never seen the club so vibrant and inclusive.

Much appreciation to Shags, Gabe and the committee that make it possible for us to chase the footy around ten times a year.

Love Dynesy

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