Dynesy’s Dictation – Rd 5, 2019. O45’s Match Report


The Over 45s had a trip up to Mordy this morning,

And we won by plenty.

All our boys played well, Stevie, Morrie, and Gabe got hurt.

Charlie kicked 10,

The original quiet achiever Chopper was terrific,

Their best players were us, filling in for their Masters, who should have been backing up like we do, but they refuse to give their mates a chop out.

Four away wins for the Raiders, 20 goal win in the Supers is just unbelievable.

Rather than give a detailed report, read this one for my little girl Ada’s match today,

They haven’t won yet , and most of their team are 9, 10 or 11 playing in the under 13s.

When we played Jake’s daughters team they turned off the scoreboard at half time.

The bloke who writes the report is just a plumber ( Rohan), but read what he writes about them, each of them every week!

Round 6 – Runners Wrap

It was great to be back on the field today

To be in and amongst it all throughout the day

To give you high fives, and to cheer and to clap

And to be able once again to do the “Runners” Wrap

Some standout performances and individual spark

But most of all a great team effort all over the park

Phoebe can play anywhere, she’s one talented chick,

She can mark the ball cleanly, and boy can she kick

Anouk was around the contest and waited for the ball to spill

When it does look out because she’ll execute with skill

Scarlett, well what else could we say, you scored our only goal,

Great reward for team effort, you’ve got the Red Hill heart & soul

A solid game from Evie, you can hold you head up high,

You never gave up, keep on pushing, your limit is the sky

Grace L played an important role roving around the ruck

You were everywhere around the field, you really ran amuck

Indi was a tackling machine today she laid them left and right,

She ran really hard on the wing and took down everyone in sight

Zoe was awesome around the field, she really held her own

When you work as hard as you do, you always hold your zone

Milla showed us what she’s made of and really had an impact

Small in stature, but heaps of talent, all day long she attacked

Ada was so brave at the contest, she put her head over the ball,

Earned a free kick for her effort, she’s as tough as a brick wall

Lucy W was amazing with her efforts, first, second and third,

Then she’d dispose of it accurately and get the ball out of the herd

Maya has great skill and transitions the ball with ease

You want the ball in her hands, if the team is in a squeeze

Kate came in under an injury cloud, but were really glad you played

Although you couldn’t complete the game, your efforts never fade

Izzy has been a solid improver, and gives her best each week

It will be scary to see how good you are, when you hit your peak

Ellie was brilliant down back today, she can really dominate

She stopped some goals, got the ball then kicked to a teammate

Gabi showed that once again, her skills are just sublime

She never stops or gives up, and helps out every time

Poppy has such great leg speed, she’s impossible to catch

You can’t keep her down, she can runout the whole match

Molly was outstanding at taking on any challenge with gall

She showed she could catch anyone, and get them holding the ball

Daniella was in and under today, she revelled in the packs

She even ran away with the ball, and left them all in her tracks

Zali was instrumental and she set up our goal scoring play

She kicked it long, handballed straight and took Mark of the Day

She was everywhere today, she’s ferocious like a Leopard

She showed she’s up to any challenge, well done Lucy Sheppard

Another relentless contest and you were really up for the fight

So I’m sure you’re all tired and will all sleep well tonight

As parents, coaches and helpers we are all so very impressed,

Of the way you attack the game, and you always pass the test.

After another week off next week, for the Queens Birthday round

We come back the week after that and running we’ll hit the ground

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