Dynesy’s Dictation – Over45s Match report Rd, 2019.


The over 45s had a cracking morning winning by plenty.

Not sure who was the best but the skippa Stevie was kinda inspirational.

No passengers today, however my little girl Ada asked me at three quarter time if I’d been on the ground yet.

JV and Juppy  literally ran themselves to exhaustion just as I asked them to and Morrie was polite as can be.

We enjoyed a cameo from former club champion Patty Foy who shanked a few but helped all of us in the backline walk tall.

Cranny were mostly good blokes as always with the exception of a few flogs.

Basically Powelly told us how to roll and that’s how we rolled.

Commiserations to the masters and well done to the Legends and the Supers.

If we can scrounge three wins out of our four teams most weeks then we’ll have a great year as a club.

Love Dynesy

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