Dynesy’s Dictation. Over 45’s RD 4, 2019 Match Report


Not a great day for the 45s today,

Lost by plenty infact.

We just asked the boys to run with them and check  them out,

The result was inconsequential, but it would have been nice to have been a lot closer.

Pretty ground, great conditions after quarter time, not a bad bunch of blokes.

Their full forward kicked 8.

Much too clever for me early, Leo was better, but he had already played in the 50s

Bradders once again in his second game for the day, was the man to control him, but their mids gave their forwards great drive all day.

Our boys had a crack from start to finish, but were simply out classed on the day.

Shags did his groin, Stevie will be popping Voltarin like disco biscuits all week, CMack, Col, Morgs and JV all got through no worse than they started.

Great to see Caino back and looking smooth.

Morrie, Biscuits, Bradders, Leo, and Gooch all played two games, they must be rooted.

Our best players were, Patty, Mouse, Bickies, Knuckles, Gabe, Parksy, Vaughny etc, etc.

Looking forward to having another crack at those blokes later in the year, we’ll just need a game or two to get our Mojo back.

Love Dynesy

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