Dynesy’s Dictation – Masters Match Report. Rd 3, 2019.


The 45s had the privilege of playing at the proper Frankston footy ground, but unfortunately we had to start at 9.30am.

Beautiful place to play, great facilities, sunny and little wind.

What could possibly go wrong you ask?

We played as well as they let us on the slippery dewy surface, the ball felt like as they say, a bar of soap.

Full on game from the first bounce, our ball handling and kicking skills (not mine personally) gave us a slight edge.

After half time we slowly pulled away to a decent lead and won comfortably.

As usual I’m not sure who was the best, Big Rich got the chocolates for a fine effort at Centre Half Back and in the ruck.

Mouse and Powelly were fantastic, Leo went forward and kicked a couple of goals, Ackers was everywhere, Vaughny and  Knuckles loved the open spaces.

Clarky, Shags,Patty Foy,  in fact the whole backline was brutal in their effectiveness.

Our backs have only leaked six goals in three games, so you don’t have to score heavily with a defence like that to win games.

Biscuits and Parksy must shit the opposition to tears, because they single those two out for special treatment at every opportunity, doesn’t stop them though.

I talked about Tenzing Norgay and the work rate required before the game. Cometh the moment, cometh the man, or in this case cometh Wacka and Richo.

Jee it was good to have them for the day.

Gabe did what Gabe does for us, our quiet achievers quietly achieved as usual.

Juppy ran from half back all the way to the forward pocket to present and support, and was finally rewarded with a fine goal, good job that lad!

A strange thing happened down in defence, a tall, well tanned young go getter, with long strawberry blonde hair, turned his man inside out and sent the ball back, with a perfectly executed 50 metre pass to the running wingman.

Then the alarm went off and what actually happened was that a bent backed, pale skinned, grey haired old back pocket (me) was caught hopelessly out of position.

Luckily the ball spilled over the back, and all I had to do was rush it through for a behind, I basically tripped over my own feet, missed the ball and fell over.

The opposition dude just picked the ball up and walked into an open goal. Nice one Dynesy!

Unfortunately Cmack reinjured his hammy and much worse than that, Powelly Ripped the Bicep off the bone during a tackle.

He hopes to get it operated on this week, and hopefully we get him back in plenty of time.

Maybe we could get the surgeon to look at his fingers at the same time, they look like a bag of Twisties.

Thanks to Sarah, Col, Robbie, Morgs, Newy, Gordo who all helped out on the day.

Stoked to see the Masters have their first win, they’ll be fine now.

And don’t forget to ask Shags about his torp.

Love Dynesy

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