Dynesys Dictaction, Rd 9, 2019.045’s Match report.


We had a really god win today in the in the 45s/Masters whatever we’re called.

The result was never in doubt before the game even started, but the way our boys applied themselves was fantastic.

Plenty of goals up at quarter time, but not moving the ball well enough into the forward line.

Powelly pleaded with us to be a “back door“ team. Seemed a bit kinky at first, but once we got into the rhythm, it just felt natural.

Poor old Phil Stoney did a calf, terrible luck for the lad, he started magnificently and could have been a real smokey for us the finals.

We shared a couple of blokes with Cranny, Diesel played with them all day and would have been definitely in their best, great job mate.

It really shits me that,  strong clubs like Cranny and Mordy hang their 45s out to dry, by not getting their Masters to give their 45s a chop out.

In our 45s group, Diesel, Parksy,Grimmo,Andy,Stewy and at least one other played at some stage for the opposition.

Leo and Morgs played in the Legends.

Biscuits and Vaughnie backed up in the Legends.

Grimmo and Parksy backed up in the Masters, and after the brutal Masters game, I noticed big Juice heading out to back up in the Supers.

That’s what good clubs are made of, not premiership flags and god forbid tattoos.

I had the privilege of playing with the boys in the Masters.

Barksy and Kenny coach and lead them magnificently, after having the guts of the team ripped out over Summer to play with Powelly and me,

They must surely be considered the quiet achievers of the club this year.

All power too them, I hope they get their day in the Sun.

Sounds like the Supers and the Legends had a hell of a crack, and that’s all that can be asked of a team.

Much love


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