Dynesy Dictation Legends Round 4 Match Report


The Legends were magnificent in their magnificence today.

We played the ladder leaders Williamstown, who had literally beaten their first three opponents by 15 goals or more.
The loss will be recorded in history but that won’t tell the story.
We finished the game tackling harder then we started it.
The backline bolstered by Leo and Gabe on loan from the supers were fantastic and brutal.
The forward line just as ruthless as the backs.
The rucks, midfielders and wingers ran and harassed the opposition till they sooked up and carried on. Nice!
Everybody came to the bench without complaint, and those that tagged in just got straight into the fray.
We had no right to run with those guys like we did, but we payed for the footy didn’t we.
No one played better than anyone else, but Terry got the chocolates and deserved them.
Thanks to Parksy, diesel, Bazza, andy, Sarah ,Paula and Big Gordo.

Looking forward to getting Andy, Dicko, Col, Bazza, big Rich and Russ back from injury ,and all the other boys back that were unavailable today then we will have a real problem on selection night won’t we.

I’m extremely proud of all the Legends.

Love always


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