Dynesy Dictation. Legends Match Report Round 7


That’s one win in a row for the Legends now.
We travelled up to play South Yorella this morning. The track was more like a south Gippsland cow paddock.
We should never forget how good we’ve got at the Raiderdome.
After the typically gibberish pre game preamble we took to the field with a new set play, instead of just kicking it to Nuckles and getting out of the way. I asked the boys to consider kicking it to Cmack or Big Col and getting out of the way, clever!
The goal kicking practice at training last week was a waste of time in hindsight.
It was bloody hard work and every single player had a crack.
Great to have Andy back and special mention to my Cousin Simon who’s first kick in 25 years was magnificent.
Diesel nearly jumped the fence to have a crack at the umpire, who actually asked him for advice at half time.
Rugby deservedly won the chocolates but unfortunately les put his teeth through his lip, luckily he’s still got his hand modelling!
Thanks to Kev for the drinks, Diesel, Paula and Tommy for coming all the way to do the running.
The best players were probably Cmack,Rugby Ross,Rosco,Nuckles,Col and Razor I reckon.

Love Dynesy

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