Dynesy Dictation – Legends round 2 match report from the coach.


The Legends travelled approximately I hour 33 minutes or 128 kilometres to Craigieburn this morning to have a crack at our most Northern enemy.

Turns out they weren’t a bad bunch of blokes and basically good hosts.

The forward line was incredible, the backline solid and the midfield amazing.

All to no avail as they slapped us around like a red headed step child, and gave us a home ground football lesson that we can only hope to emulate ourselves.

After the skippas quarter time words of wisdom , everybody started to hit the contest with a bit more commitment and we stopped for the main break about three straight kicks down.

The loss of Dicko took the wind out of our sails and wholesale changes were made for the last quarter, that only opened the floodgates for the opposition!

Our best were the skippa, Pete Daniels, Rosco who nearly had his nose broken in the warm up to match his rib, Timmy the tackler and Rowdy the defender.

The ex skippa Ash and Dynesy were serviceable at best and that’s being kind to Dynesy.

Great to see Gregalinko, big John Whiskey and the handball specialist Bazza circulating.

Special thanks to Incey who drove all the way out there to run the drinks and give encouragement.

Also special thanks to Damo for putting his hand up and by the way Rugby Sue won the chocolates.

Congratulations to the Supers and the Masters.

Love Dynesy

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