Clarkys Comments Round 2 Legends Match Report


To some, the Raiderdome is a pleasant verdant field where gentlemen play ball sports, children laugh, whilst birds, fairies and elves whistle and frollic. But to the Bayside Saints it’s a seething pit of wretched defeat and misery, where the bones of visiting teams are feasted upon by the marauding Raiders in a way not dissimilar to the way the Vikings ate all the Eskimos in days gone by. (not true)

OK, scene set. The Bayside boys arrived in their Aston Martins, Renault Koleos’s and BMW’s all the  way from Braighton-Dharling ready to do battle. With a home defeat by the Raiders  at the conclusion of last season still eating away at their caviar laden insides, surely revenge would taste as sweet as something that was really sweet. Like an ice cream or something, or maybe straight raspberry cordial. Yes, revenge would be as sweet a raspberry cordial is what they were thinking. You can just see them thinking that can’t you.

ANZAC respects paid, the game was on and the First quarter saw an even tussle. Knuckles with his gleaming white teeth, dark brooding good looks and that raking left foot kick peppered the goals. Tugboat, with no teeth and pasty white complexion was marking beautifully. Half time saw a few points in it and it was game on. Third quarter, and it was the good old Raider defenders standing resolute to keep us in the hunt. Final term and the raiders put the foot down, goals came and went, then came again whilst keeping the Bayside boys to one point in the last half. Did I mention the Raider defence? Big Rich rucked tirelessly until he got tired, Rossco marked and missed set shots until he didn’t, Cain owned the centre until he wasn’t in the centre and Big Whiskey, taking time out from making up Dad jokes, kicked two goals. Baz was dominating, grabbed a goal or two…well it was exactly two. Leaping Leo and Bradders rounded out the best players. BUT the highlight of the day was President  Dillon’s one-handed grab and resulting goal. Shags was last seen commissioning a sculpture of himself to install at Alexandra park…right next to the one Ash had done for himself.
Dynesys chockies went to Big Rich (who could do without them). Raiders by 41 points 9.8.62 Def Bayside 3.3.21

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