Clarkys Comments Rd 9 Legends Match Report


As Mark Twain once said, “reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” and so it was with the legends 2017 season.
After 2 losses tarnishing what was a stellar start to the season, the mighty legends had to turn it around with a big win.
Silence the doubters, quash the critics, renounce the renouncers, harness the haters and nay say the naysayers. in short…WIN

And…(spoiler alert!) win we did. We did. Win.

Coach Dynsey ditched a lot of the prematch philosophy. No carrying water and chopping wood, no bike chains, no holding the ball like a newborn baby, no tombstones and dashes, no electric bottom biters, no anchovies, hearts, small rocks, churches, goats, underwater goats, snorkels or flippers. No ride of the valkyries, no popular music or indeed anything from Beyonce. Nothing. Just a plain honest from the guts rousingly good speech.

Melbourne had come to play with the first quarter a great physical tussle. Great work in the back line, and led by Morgs who was at his blistering best. Ask him about his goal and you may as well saveth thy breath. For this timid little man, the epitome of humility, will brag not. We will never hear him say of the 85 metre distance the ball travelled.. Nay, Morgs the “Timid One’ will not tell you of the glancing left, glancing right and the decision to back himself when all was lost as he unleashes the greatest goal ever kicked in the history of football. Ever. No he won’t tell. (he’ll put it in an email and send it to me with a pathetic plea for publication (and an iTunes voucher for $10).

Lenny would go on to dominate and ultimately take out the chocolates for the day, but not without a scare in the third quarter where Melbourne rallied and looked as if they could go on. C-mac booted 3 and his 75 metre kick and subsequent goal off one step must have killed Melbourne’s hopes. The Raiders held fast, regrouped and kicked away. three quarter time and a handy 4 goal lead. Final quarter and here after named Micks Quarter, was eventful to say the least. Melbourne had a player sent off, the quarter shortened to 15 minutes and Mick Lindridge went down with a badly dislocated ankle. If your foot sticking out at 90 degrees the wrong way gets you a tad squeamish then look away. Prompt action by players and of course our brilliant trainers, saw stretchers arrive, and ambulances summoned. Mind you, the site of someone walking toward the scene with angle grinder was concerning. Luckily it was for the access gate that was locked 22 years ago and not field surgery.
Our best wishes to Mick on his speedy recovery and our thanks to all concerned. The game was well won and with time running out for a restart, the game was terminated and it was upstairs to   the Legends last Supper, beautifully put together by Dynsey and Bridie (hint to caterers: meat popular. peas and carrots, not so much)

Raiders 9.9.63 Def Melbourne 6.2.38

Goals: C. Maclean 3, M. Inglese 3, R. Twyford, S. Turner, P. Basile
Best Players: M. Leonard, M. Inglese, R. Twyford, C. Maclean, S. Turner, R. Parker
Injuries; Mick, Gate

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