Clarkys Comments RD 8 Legends Match Report


Legends report by Kylie Mole (Clarky can’t remember)

Hi, like my names Kylie. Like we played footy like against Chirnside like and it was like windy and like cold and like it was so spac.
And like really hard game like scores and stuff were close for a bit and then they wasn’t. Like Big Rich chucked a spaz and at this guy and then like the guy spazzed back and then you know like Big Rich like fuknn hit him. And then this other guy in like a umpire costume, I dunno like the umpire made him go and stand at the side of the court, like off the ground. Like in the corner like what happened to me when I punched Rhonda Badlowski in the tit that time at band camp. And another time Rugby Ross like you know had a mental and like just chucked a complete wobbly and hit a guy. It was so spac. Like he said to this spaznoid “your’e not my friend anymore” and like the spaz just like looked at him and said like “der” and then like you don’t say that to Ross, so Ross hit him. So spac. And then like he had to watch from the corner with Rhonda Badlowski and me. Like they had lots of kicks at goals and like got got accidental goals and we didn’t. But then at half time when they all had a rest it was like close. There’s this guy who’s like  the boss of everyone, the coach and like he said “guys we can win” and like they all said “der” and he said ‘double der” and went like “yeah“ and then you know like what? he moved a guys name off the the magnet board. yeah thats right moved it. like off the board. Like changed stuff. There’s this guy called Tug and like he catched the ball a lot and kicked sausage rolls. Soo good. Then like this complete spaz got knocked down, like completely soft coz like he went to bed and then went to hospital. Loser. And then the legends lost by 3 goals but it was like a tough game.
kylie m

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