Clarkys Comments – Rd 6 Legends Match Report


Ladies Day at the Raiderdome and the legends certainly turned it on for the girls. The prospect of 85 intoxicated women up in the clubrooms salivating over what surely was a veritable showroom of performance cars on the field. In fact the whole legends team is a cross between a luxury car show and carpark.
So much so that the legends will be referred to as the cars they truly are.

Cranbourne had come to play. They’d come with 18 players, which is a good idea for a change and after a sportsman like donation of some of our own to even things up, off we went.
The Ferrari 458 Spider was running rings around the opposition on the wing. Creating space and using that famous acceleration Knuckles dominated. Combining with Tugboat ( in reality a  ASD Damen 2009 TUG).. not a car, but it’s Tugboat) they combined on the day to kick an astonishing 9 goals between them. The other Italian sports machine, our very own Robbie Alpha Guilia Quadrifoglio, monza red with yellow brake callipers and discs was eating up the midfield tarmac before accepting a better offer from the masters to go  play with them. With Robbie needing every B & F vote he can get, that little defection could cost him dearly. But then Alfa have made some bad decisions. (remember the 159Ti gearbox?) In the ruck our very own 1938 WW2 Bedford OYD Armadillo MkIII (not the OXA Mk III) toiled away and actually tapped the ball quite near our dependable little workhorse the Lada Niva 4WD (with heated rear window.. why? because when they break down, you won’t get frostbite as you push it home) Lenny the Lada was in it all day and quite rightly won the pack of cadbury Whips. Mick Datsun 200B polled votes and just pipped Stuart Datsun 180B for honours in the centre by doing 20 more good things.. And the poorly put together Shelby Kit car missed a goal at point blank range after a missile handball from Dicko the M88 Armoured Assault Vehicle, took out his steering. Poor little Arthur Shelby shat himself.

Raiders 13.10. 88  DEF Cranbourne 8.6.54

Best; Knuckles, Criv, Tugboat, Lenny, Mick, Bradders
Goals: Tuggy 5, Knucklesy 4 , ones to Fluffy, Robbie Crivvy, Youngy and Dunny

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