Clarkys Comments Rd 3 Legends Match Report


Round 3 and its off to Parkdale to face the Vultures. Raider legends were 2 from 2 and looking to bring home the chocolates.
Now there are people out there that think that gentlemen over 50 playing football in the rain on a Sunday morning  is stupid. Well every bloke I see pull on a raider jumper has steel in his eyes and ice in his veins. Metaphorically of course. I mean if you had steel in your eyeball, you aint blinking let alone playing footy. Its a serious business, henceforth this match report will be serious. How serious? Every player will now be referred to by their jumper numbers’ corresponding number on the periodic table then referenced as the corresponding element. How intelligent is that? For example, I am number 73. Which is of course is as we all know is Tantalium.

First quarter and the rain came down, a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen, it was wet weather footy at its finest. Which is not fine football, but hey, we don’t run the weather.
Big Potassium in the ruck was winning every tap out, combining with the ever fast and dentally impressive Sodium, we fed the forwards at every opportunity and going in at quarter time with one goal three to a Parkdale’s paultry one point. Game on.
Potassium dominated the ruck , but the bloke that came to play was big leaping ‘one of the noble gasses’, Argon. Busting through packs, big grabs, jovial banter and Argon was surely destined for best afield.
Second quarter, more goals and lots of points to Parkdale’s not very  much. The big Silicon slipped while trying to get to 100 career goals, did his ankle after a collision with Magnesium who was helping out the depleted Vultures along with Tantalium. Ever reliable Oxygen flew high, got some air. Aluminum was solid all day (but pliable, being one of the softer metals). Last quarter saw Potassium off the ground, Chlorine took over the ruck duties and Parkdale predictably goaled. Proof that your basic non-metal Halogen is no substitute for a good Alkali metal.
Impressive for the day was best afield Argon with Sodium, Potassium, Oxygen, captain Helium and Mick Aluminium.
Impressive goals from Copper, Vanadium, Peter Fluorine and the illusive Slugga Ytrium, Aluminium, Helium, Argon, Silicon, Oxygen and the ever dangerous Strontium.
Superman like effort from from 36. (go on check it).
Great win with your basic group of Halogens, Non-metals and Alkaline earth metals all best on the day.

Raiders 12.12.84 defeating Parkdale 2.6.17


Thanks to the Vivian for a few photos of the legends game.

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