Clarkys Comments. RD 3 Legends Match Report


rd3 vs Bayside Legends (39 of 42)

Round 3

As we headed north along the great Nepean, you could perhaps smell the cappuccinos, and taste the smashed avocado whilst embracing the aroma of a intrigingly perfumed yummy mummy as she ever so elegantly pilots the white Range Rover loaded to the gills with junior footballers all called Tristan, Forest and Charlotte-Tiffany-Anne into a café probably called something like lecafe.

Welcome to Highett (oh how they’d love to be Brighton), home of the old foe The Bayside Saints.

Glorious conditions prevailed as did the Raiders in the first quarter. A hard tackling well fought out affair. Cheezel had come to play and Dazza’s new boots were in actual fact quite dazzling. Second quarter and the Saints fought back and it was game on. As in life there’s a few things you don’t do on a footy field in fact there are a number of things you don’t do on a footy field.

Jim Croce summed it up beautifully.

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Umpires.

If arguing with the umpires was a stat then we were on fire. There’s only two things that happen when you argue with the whistle blower.

A. He dislikes you. B. He dislikes you.

We were disliked.

Lenny gave it to us and the third quarter saw a more composed raider outfit with the big Cheezel dominating in the air and unbelievably on the ground. Bear in mind the ground is a long way down for him and to see a 7 foot ruckman lying on the ground is like looking at a log with it’s branches waving in the wind. Shags in his 50th game kicked yet another miracle goal and thereby justifying the commissioning of yet another statue in his honour.

Final quarter and we were back in front before the Saints grabbed the lead again. You couldn’t help but feel we were still on the nose with the umpires as miracle soccer goals that dribbled across the line were incredulously called points (ask Knuckles) and with some dubious ball returning tactics denying Gabe of a shot at goal and the lead.

Lenny’s modelling career took a dive as his nose decided to attack some dudes forearm (perhaps he can model gloves) and forever gutsy Dynesy blew a rib. Bradders ran all day and Noel just wanted me to mention him. Noel.

Peninsula Raiders 5.6.36 lost to Bayside Saints 6.7.43 Goals: Inglese 2, Dillon, Mauerhofer, Riddle

Best: Peasley, Leonard, Twyford, Mauerhofer, Bradshaw, Inglese

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